I never appreciated the wedding planning process more than when I started planning my own wedding. Of course it is an exciting time in your life, but I must say there are just so many decisions to make. It can be overwhelming. I pride myself on making the wedding day go as stress free and smooth as possible, but what about actually booking me?

In my own search for a wedding a photographer, I found myself only looking at photographers who had blogs. Being able to browse a portfolio is fine, but having access to nearly an entire session or wedding was the key to finding my perfect match. So, here we are. My first blog post of many to come… and I hope this helps making the decision to book me that much easier!

There is no better couple to showcase than Amanda and Kev.


I’ve known Amanda’s family for a little under a year now but they have been some of my biggest supporters since Amanda’s twin sister Samantha booked me for her wedding in the fall of last year so I was so excited when they called me again for Amanda and Kev’s wedding later this year. 

Amanda wanted a rustic location to match the rustic vibe of her wedding and I knew Batsto, New Jersey was the perfect South Jersey engagement location for them. It was a little chilly but these two high school sweethearts just snuggled up and kept each other warm. Their love was beaming just as much as the pretty light and you’ll see in these photos just how adorable they are. I can’t wait for the big day!

So much joy… I love it.